Fellow photographer (or should I say Retrographer), Adrian Nurman has started blogging his pursuits at

Reading his entry into the world of photography in his My Gear page was an interesting insight into a colleague’s journey into photography and the eventual lust for technology and lenses.

Retro and Vintage inspired cameras such as the Leica M9 and Adrian’s newly acquired Fujifilm X-E1 have a simplistic beauty that is in stark contrast to the DSLRs I see around. Where DSLRs have become the flavour of the month, I believe cheap retro inspired cameras (and apps) have also had a resurgence especially with the ¬†popularity of Instagram and lomography cameras.

The Leica M9 and others like it, bring to the table high quality images with manual controls in a stylish retro inspired and easily transportable body!

Be sure to check out Adrian’s pursuits!

Fuji X-E1

Fuji X-E1 displaying manual controls

Fuji X-E1 with Leather Case


  • I didn’t expect anybody to actually read the wordy post under “my gear”. Thanks for posting & your kind words, glad to share, and all the best with your blog & journey ;).

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