Skateboarding Composite

This was a fun shot that took a bit of experimentation! I was searching for some interesting things to attempt blending multiple photos and Jeremy Karasavas provided the perfect subject with his skateboarding skills.

Technically this shot was a bit complicated due to:

  • Balancing off camera flash settings at night time
  • 1/200 shutter flash sync limitation
  • Burst photo to get the intervals of action
  • Trying to reduce motion blur

Not to mention trying to not blind Jeremy mid air or the other skaters with the multiple flashes.

I first tried to capture the action with a long exposure and multiple flashes to expose, but my flash wasn’t able to cycle fast enough. This left either under-powered (and underexposed) flashes, or large intervals between flashes (e.g. missing the flow of action). My solution at the time was to simply take separate shots and combine them in post-processing.

Kudos to Jeremy for the opportunity! I know you’re still cut the final shot wasn’t of you sticking the landing!



  • what kind of software was used to make this photo?

    • Albert

      I used Photoshop for this composite though any image processing software that is capable of layers is able to achieve this effect! GIMP is a free alternative and there are even web browser based ones like!

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