Perth Skyline Panorama 2013

This panorama was taken of the Perth Skyline from the look out at King’s Park. I was out testing my new Benro C2682TB1 Tripod and though what better test of a panorama than the city skyline at night!

Geared up with my camera on manual, remote + mirror lock up and sturdy tripod to get this 7 photo stitch panorama.

Click to enlarge!


  • Rob Borsje

    Albert – great photos!! I took a photo of the Perth skyline at night (same place) and zoomed whilst the shutter was open (obviously on ‘Manual’).The effect I remember was quite “interesting”. Might I suggest you try that.

  • Albert

    Cheers Rob! I had a look at the photo you sent through and it is very reminiscent of the original Tron! Haha the internet version of Perth?
    That’s definitely an interesting technique~ I know some guys have had great success using it especially with faces! I’ll have to find some examples~

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