Fremantle Photo Walk 03/03/2013

Photographer Ze (from Ze Wong Photography) had arranged an early morning walk around Fremantle with a bunch of fellow photographers. Whilst I’m definitely not a morning person, I can’t argue with the gorgeous light dawn brings and the scenic walk with open spaces devoid of crowds of people!

Also it was my first public outing with my Benro MPU105 L bracket, so naturally had to get a few panorama shots in.

_MG_1903-Edit_MG_1908-Edit_MG_1923-Edit_MG_1930-Edit_MG_1939-Edit_MG_1968-Edit_MG_1973-Edit_MG_1993-Edit_MG_2004-Edit_MG_2224-2230 Freo Jetty Daytime Panorama-Edit_MG_2025-Edit_MG_2027-Edit_MG_2065-Edit_MG_2072-Edit

Lunch at Moore & Moore~





A stroll at Coogee Beach



Back in Freo’s for fish and chips for dinner and a couple of night panoramas~

Freo Night Kailis Panorama 2446-2451Freo Jetty Night Panorama 2437-2443


  • Rob Borsje

    Hi Albert, And the gear used was (and apertures, shutter speed) . . .? great photos! Freo is so full of interesting items. . .Cheers

  • Albert

    Hey Rob, I’ve got a post about what gear I have and I will get around to making a proper page on my website for it! I’ve got ideas to use my DIY lightbox and practice some “product photography”~

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