Dolphin Watching & Penguin Island

Back in 10/11/2012, a group of mates and I headed on a tour for dolphin watching and to visit Penguin Island here in WA.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get many good shots of the dolphins playing, but I had a pretty enjoyable experience (bar the mild seasickness). Though there’s nothing like a new experience to bring out the photographic inspiration in me!

_MG_8589-Life_Buoy _MG_8590-Dolphins_MG_8597-Pelicans_Rock_Island _MG_8643-Peppy_Photographer_MG_8647-Seals_Island _MG_8659-Shoes_on_Boat_Railing _MG_8663-Sailboat_on_Horizon_MG_8667-Foot_on_Deck _MG_8668-Clear_water_Seaweed _MG_8673-Girl_Chasing_Seagulls _MG_8699-Penguin_Island_Stamp_on_Hand _MG_8702-Penguin_Island_Feeder _MG_8715-Penguin_Island_Penguins _MG_8722-Seagull_with_Chicks _MG_8733-Pano_Pelican_Outcrop _MG_8749-Pano_Rock_Bird_Sanctuary _MG_8775-Rocky_Beach _MG_8800-Bird_in_Bush _MG_8810-Seagull_staring_off_Peppy _MG_8828-Body_Boarders_on_Walkway _MG_8838-Pelican_Formation


  • Love these shots! I especially like the one of the shoe on the railing – awesome angle. πŸ™‚

    • Albert

      Haha I was wondering if that a bullet hole in that photo too πŸ˜›

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