Canon Photo 5 2010: Eyedropper – Legoman & Snail

I see that my portfolio is currently biased towards photos relating to the Rail Industry, so let me shake things up with a photo I previously entered into a Canon Photo 5 Competition.

Back in 2010 the Canon EOS Photo 5 Competition gave entrants a small box with 5 various items of which we had to use individually in a series of photos with the associated theme or style of photography.

For 2010, the items included:

  1. Eyedropper – Close Up
  2. Bubble Gum – Portrait
  3. Incense – Black & White
  4. Confetti – Motion
  5. Inspired by Sound (a music file with the sound of falling) – Open Brief

This was my entry for the Eyedropper:


Canon Photo 5 2010 Entry:Eyedropper - Lego Man & Snail

Canon Photo 5 – 2010 Entry:
Eyedropper – Lego Man & Snail


My idea came from the 2009 bushfires where a photo was being circulated of a volunteer fireman feeding water to a koala who had had its paws burnt in the fires. I wanted to use the eyedropper to create a droplet of water that would be offered from a legoman to a small object or insect.

In preparation of this shot, I had to research snails (which taught me some snails like beer) before I went hunting the yard for an appropriate model.

This photo is still one of my favourites and required a lot of patience in setting up the scene and getting my kidnapped model to co-operate! I remember almost 200 shots were taken before I was happy with the composition. We had issues with the snail reaching up for the droplet, grabbing onto the leaf before pulling down the Lego man and climbing all over him. The scene would have to be reset each time and the lego man cleaned!

I can also report that the snails in that yard were not boozeheads, and the model was returned to the yard unharmed!

Also for those that are interested the Canon Photo 5 competition is still continuing though entries are very limited and the 2012 comp has finished. The 5 objects also come with a photography theme. e.g. Spaghetti with Portraiture.



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