Black Diamond – Storm!

I have slowly been building up this urge to explore the outdoors and really get out and get some good landscape & especially star trail photos! Part of that requires a certain amount of preparedness and I had been eyeing this item for a long time. It came as a gift from my most awesome cousins and hopefully I’ll be taking them out camping sometime in the future!

The Black Diamond Storm is a headlamp that takes 4 AAA batteries and has a suite of functions such as:

  • a spot beam (up to 70m),
  • spread beam (both beams with variable intensities),
  • red LED mode (to preserve precious night vision),
  • water proof to 1m for 30 mins (so definitely good in the rain)
  • Tilting (allowing it to light up something far away, or perhaps just down at my feet, or a map in my hands!)
  • Lock mode (preventing accidental activation when stored in a backpack)
  • Weighs only 110 grams. (Light, light baby~)

This baby is going to be a lifesaver for keeping me working in the dark!

_MG_6410-Black_Diamond_Storm _MG_6431-Black_Diamond_Storm_Package_Front _MG_6428-Black_Diamond_Storm_Package_Back _MG_6427-Black_Diamond_Storm_Package_Side     _MG_6414-Black_Diamond_Storm_Spot _MG_6415-Black_Diamond_Storm_Spread_MG_6416-Black_Diamond_Storm_Red_LED_MG_6422-Black_Diamond_Storm_Tilt_MG_6419-Black_Diamond_Storm_Lock_MG_6412-Black_Diamond_Storm



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