Black Diamond – Storm!

I have slowly been building up this urge to explore the outdoors and really get out and get some good landscape & especially star trail photos! Part of that requires a certain amount of preparedness and I had been eyeing this item for a long time. It came as a gift from my most awesome cousins and hopefully I’ll be taking them out camping sometime in the future!

The Black Diamond Storm is a headlamp that takes 4 AAA batteries and has a suite of functions such as:

  • a spot beam (up to 70m),
  • spread beam (both beams with variable intensities),
  • red LED mode (to preserve precious night vision),
  • water proof to 1m for 30 mins (so definitely good in the rain)
  • Tilting (allowing it to light up something far away, or perhaps just down at my feet, or a map in my hands!)
  • Lock mode (preventing accidental activation when stored in a backpack)
  • Weighs only 110 grams. (Light, light baby~)

This baby is going to be a lifesaver for keeping me working in the dark!

_MG_6410-Black_Diamond_Storm _MG_6431-Black_Diamond_Storm_Package_Front _MG_6428-Black_Diamond_Storm_Package_Back _MG_6427-Black_Diamond_Storm_Package_Side     _MG_6414-Black_Diamond_Storm_Spot _MG_6415-Black_Diamond_Storm_Spread_MG_6416-Black_Diamond_Storm_Red_LED_MG_6422-Black_Diamond_Storm_Tilt_MG_6419-Black_Diamond_Storm_Lock_MG_6412-Black_Diamond_Storm



Star Trail Photography

I’ve been very excited to get into Star Trail Photography. There are heaps of awesome examples out on the internet and I love the idea of merging the concepts of landscape and light painting photography into this very unique area! I have been slowly acquiring some gear to get me out adventuring and to be honest, when I see fantastic images from all over the world, my first thought is that “I need to get out more!”. Photography at its basis is capturing an image, but the masters take it beyond that and create art.

This field is a new one for me, but one I am very interested in pursuing! The idea of getting out into the wild outdoors, road tripping, camping with some good mates and laying out beneath the stars with my trusty camera to catch it all~

This isn’t my first attempt at star trail photography but is my first result! Taken in a mate’s backyard to simply test out the basic concepts, hope you enjoy it!

Star Trail & Power Lines